Everyone negotiates – whether they know it or not. So why is it often difficult to obtain a rewarding bargain?

In the process of negotiating, it’s important to display likability and confidence Click To Tweet to stress the sincerity of the encounter. While a strong argument may rationalize a viewpoint, people who show friendliness towards others are proven to have greater influence.

A main part of showing friendliness is having empathy and collaboration. Building collaboration through technology is a key component missing from typical procurement and sourcing technologies. Most, if not all, promote a “black box” approach to interacting with suppliers. So transactions are automated and workflowed – but there is little show of support for one another whether it be through direct collaboration, soliciting supplier requirements, or simply providing a positive encounter when exchanging detailed information. These are small examples, but if practiced, would show empathy in negotiations.

Perhaps this is the greatest opportunity for extending the idea of social media into the procurement space. Not for the sake of social, but to drive real business value by making collaboration more intuitive, seamless, and done in the context of the exact activity you are involved in and at the right time. That’s also in part why we acquired Kontextual.