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Share your ideas to improve Xeeva’s applications

June 18, 2021 | Sneeden Mouzon

Do you have an idea for improving the Xeeva platform? Read below to see how to submit your ideas and what happens next!

What is an Enhancement Request?

An Enhancement Request is a suggestion for an improvement or change to the existing solution. It is not a request to fix a ‘a “bug” (something broken that is supposed to be working).

Enhancement Requests can come from a variety of sources, such as a support ticket or an idea to improve a business process or increase efficiency. Xeeva welcomes all ideas from all users!

How do I submit an Enhancement Request?

All requests go through the Xeeva Results Desk – this gives you a tracking number and an audit trail to follow. If you know from the start that your idea is an Enhancement Request, please submit it to the Results Desk, indicating it as such. You will be asked to fill out a standard form so that Xeeva can gather relevant data.

Sometimes, Enhancement Requests come as an evolution to a support ticket that you raise. You may not realize that when you start working with the Xeeva Results Desk. The problem you face may be eliminated by an improvement to the existing process. If that is the case, we will ask you to fill out the Enhancement Request form as well.

What happens next?

Your request will be reviewed by the Xeeva Change Control Board (CCB). This board will determine if the enhancement fits with the company’s direction for the product. If your idea is flagged as a possible future enhancement, the CCB will communicate via the support ticket that Xeeva has selected your idea as a possible future candidate.

If the Enhancement Request is accepted, it will be added to Xeeva’s product roadmap backlog. We manage feature backlogs for all of the products in our platform. Yet adding your feature request to the backlog does not mean that your request will be implemented right away. The respective Xeeva Product Manager will determine what software release it will be incorporated into based on a variety of factors and how the request will be delivered in the product. These factors include solution design, feature dependencies, etc.

Why would my Enhancement Request get rejected?

We get many enhancement requests and not each one will be accepted. For example, sometimes the request does not fit the strategic direction Xeeva wants the product to go. The request may be redundant with a similar feature already on the product roadmap, or the request may not appeal to the larger customer base.

A rejection does not mean your idea was a bad one, but rather that it may not fit the current roadmap for our products. Don’t let this discourage future submissions! We do value your input.

When will I see the Enhancement Request in the product?

If your submission was accepted, it does not mean that you will see the idea in our solution right away. Sometimes, even though the request was initially accepted, it may end up being rejected later as our product roadmap changes or ideas evolve.

If the idea is selected for development, it will be added to a ‘sprint’ cycle for development and incorporated into the respective software release. Note that while we are following the industry best practice of an ‘Agile’ software development life cycle approach, ‘agile’ means it could be a year or more before it gets delivered.

Once your idea has been incorporated into the platform, it will be mentioned in the release notes which we share with all of our customers prior to releasing new versions of our software.

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