Enable a streamlined and competitive
sourcing process

Xeeva Sourcing is a strategic sourcing solution that leverages deep spend category expertise and superior supplier and product data to identify optimal suppliers, reduce time to contract, minimize indirect spend, and simplify compliance within corporate sourcing guidelines.

The tool also connects with Xeeva Marketplace, offering buyers immediate access to hundreds of thousands of highly-vetted, proven vendors across a range of categories.

Leverage AI to identify optimal suppliers

Built on top of the XVA Platform, Xeeva Sourcing taps into intelligent insights uncovered by Xeeva Spend Analytics and the AI power of the XVA Platform, enabling a streamlined and competitive sourcing process.

A unified view of sourcing makes it easy to identify areas for improvement, drive supplier competition, and enable teams to make better sourcing decisions.

Source smarter with data, taxonomy, and collaboration


Access complete data on suppliers and products

Xeeva Sourcing leverages comprehensive and accurate product and supplier data across 70 spend categories, giving procurement teams a data-driven advantage when searching for new suppliers or improved contracts.


Leverage buyer-focused taxonomy

Procurement taxonomy “built for buyers, by buyers” further simplifies the sourcing process. Each item is categorized and classified, delivering a highly accurate view of the entire indirect spend landscape.


Enable collaboration and visibility for your team

By connecting requesters, buyers, and approvers and moving them along a proven path, Xeeva Sourcing streamlines complex sourcing operations so that they can efficiently move from RFQ to evaluation to contract.

Xeeva’s X Factor: XVA Platform

Make your data smarter with the power of AI. The XVA Platform is the patented AI and insights technology powering all our indirect spend solutions, embedding next-level intelligence into every aspect of your procurement process.

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