It’s no secret that procurement and sourcing organizations suffer from issues with spend data quality. Getting to high-quality data requires improvements in various areas, including cleansing, classification, and enrichment, among others.

Watch Xeeva and Spend Matters take a look at a handful of these issues, discuss the challenges of spend classification today, and uncover how to stop the bleeding of spend leakage in procurement within your organization during our co-hosted webinar.

What you’ll learn
  • Why organizations often have low-quality spend data
  • How accurate spend classification & targeted data enrichment can help you identify leakage at the point of spend
  • Ways you can fix spend leakage in procurement
About the featured presenter

Lisa Reisman is co-founder of MetalMiner, the largest metals website by traffic, and CEO of parent company Azul Partners, which owns and operates multiple websites dedicated to the field of procurement. As one of the nation’s foremost metals experts, Lisa and her team have developed innovations in metal price forecasting, pricing and benchmarking. In addition to past roles at Arthur Andersen and Deloitte Consulting, she has also owned and operated her own aluminum trading company. Lisa earned her MPA from New York University along with a BA in political science and journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

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Meet your webinar hosts

Lisa Reisman

CEO of Azul Partners, Inc.

Steve Griffiths

Chief Strategy Officer, Xeeva

Amarish Kapadia

VP, Automotive Practice, Xeeva