Make your data more valuable

Xeeva Data Services is the only AI-powered indirect spend data solution that thoroughly enhances imperfect data with granularity down to the part number and description, providing enterprises a clear, complete picture of their spend.

With Xeeva Data Services, every aspect of your procurement process – sourcing, buying, and spend analytics – becomes more valuable and insightful. Here are the 4 solutions we offer:

AI-powered for better results

Powered by the XVA Platform, Xeeva Data Services utilizes purpose-built AI tools to rapidly identify, interpret, and organize your data so that it can be classified and categorized to how business is done to make it more valuable and useful.

This new dataset delivers a complete and highly accurate view of every spend category and subcategory, unlocking powerful analytics and insights to ensure maximum compliance and savings.

Make data the secret weapon for
your procurement team


Accurate, complete, and detailed data

Access complete and detailed data that preserves the integrity of buyer and supplier data, while creating an accurate baseline across your sourcing and procurement processes.


Value from analysis to payment

Drive better outcomes across your procurement solutions by leveraging your comprehensive, enriched dataset to power spend analysis, sourcing, procurement, and other activities.

Xeeva’s X Factor: XVA Platform

Make your data smarter with the power of AI. The XVA Platform is the patented AI and insights technology powering all our indirect spend solutions, embedding next-level intelligence into every aspect of your procurement process.

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