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Little of what we touch, the buildings in which we live and work, the food and drink we consume, and the healthcare we receive could exist without some support from the chemicals industry. Like oil and gas, the chemical industry continues to contend with changing market demands, price volatility of key feedstocks, trade and regulatory barriers, and sustainability.

For many chemical companies, a successful, value-driving purchasing department requires a significant change in technical capabilities, processes, and mindset. To counter the high pricing volatility in the market, chemical companies need intelligent procurement and spend management solutions to gain actionable insights. Best-in-class companies are rigorous about renegotiating supply agreements when major changes occur.

Xeeva’s data-driven savings and spend management solutions can provide chemical companies an accelerated path to quick results and bottom-line impact, often compressing the transformational journey. Leveraging data-driven technology, Xeeva can provide true spend visibility at a granular level, identify changing circumstances and opportunities, track buyer and supplier performance, and ensure contract compliance. Moreover, Xeeva’s suite of products can be implemented quickly to increase spend under management and enable efficient sourcing, contracting, and smart buying.

Xeeva’s X Factor: XVA Platform

Make your procurement processes smarter with the power of AI

The XVA Platform is the patented AI and insights technology powering all our indirect spend solutions, embedding next-level intelligence into every aspect of your procurement operations.

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