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Xeeva Spend Analytics is a leading indirect spend analytics platform that enables highly accurate and actionable insights that deliver immediate ROI through identified cost savings and best practices across the enterprise – all in a consolidated view.

Powered by the XVA Platform, Xeeva Spend Analytics delivers easy-to-use visualizations, deep analysis, and intelligent recommendations that allow you to optimize your procurement processes and immediately uncover new areas for spend reduction, parts consolidation, and supplier leverage.

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How it works

Cleanse & categorize data in hours

Cleanse & categorize data

Understand your spend at line-level granularity as our solution interprets bad or “imperfect” spend data, efficiently auto-classifying and categorizing it to discover opportunities to save in hours, not weeks or months.

Take action to save

Take action to save

Gain key insights and improve individual performance with flexible contextualized insights that put all of your procurement & sourcing savings opportunities in one place while keeping you up-to-date on realized savings.

Stay on top of your metrics

Stay on top of your metrics

Know what’s being bought and immediately take action using alerts, established thresholds, and notifications to monitor projects & spend, spot deviations, and vital emerging trends.

“Easy and effective software which generates returns from the first day of its implementation.”

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Better data, better insights

Better data, better insights

Built on top of the XVA Platform, Xeeva Spend Analytics enables you to immediately receive actionable insights combined with prescriptive actions. It leverages Xeeva Data Enrichment, ensuring your insights and actions are made using the most complete and accurate data available.

With Xeeva Spend Analytics, you get rapid optimization of procurement processes, equipping procurement teams with the insights needed to eliminate maverick spend and drive immediate impact to your bottom line.

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