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Xeeva Spend Analytics delivers highly accurate and actionable insights that provide immediate ROI by surfacing cost-savings opportunities against industry benchmarks across disparate or siloed spend data by geographic locations and business units – all in a unified view.

Powered by the XVA Platform, utilizing AI technology, Spend Analytics delivers dashboards, deep analysis, and intelligent recommendations that allow you to optimize your procurement processes and immediately uncover new areas for tail spend reduction, supplier consolidation, working capital optimization, freight cost savings, and surfacing purchase price variances.

Spend Analytics Data Assessment

Assess your indirect spend

Indirect spend is fragmented across hundreds of categories, each with unique characteristics and fragmented departmental buying – leading to spend leakage. By not applying category expertise and an end-to-end spend management process, you’re missing out on savings opportunities.

Does your organization struggle with categorizing and assessing the quality of your indirect spend data?

If so, get a free data assessment and high-level categorization from Xeeva that will allow you to start the journey to surface savings opportunities through dashboards and actionable insights.

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Better data, better insights

Xeeva Spend Analytics provides you with a holistic view of procurement that forms a baseline to proactively identify savings opportunities, manage risk, and optimize spend management across the organization.

Once opportunities are surfaced, our integrated Sourcing application becomes a fundamental tool to realize incremental savings by initiating eAuctions or eRFX managed by a dedicated resource.

With Xeeva Spend Analytics, you get rapid optimization of procurement processes, equipping procurement teams with the insights needed to eliminate maverick spend and drive immediate impact to your bottom line.

Insights to make intelligent decisions

Identify opportunities and actions for immediate cost savings


Identify targeted insights

Gain increased visibility into spend management, automatically identifying areas of opportunity for cost savings, efficiency, and optimizing spend leverage across suppliers.


Uncover item-level analytics

Capture spend leakage, purchase price variance, freight savings, early payment discounts, and supplier consolidation across frequently bought items spanning multiple regional and global locations.

Xeeva’s X Factor: XVA Platform

Xeeva Spend Analytics is driven by Xeeva’s AI-powered technology and digital industry insights. As a result, Xeeva Spend Analytics provides unparalleled visibility into spend management – automatically identifying areas of opportunity for cost savings and efficiency to drive smarter, more impactful decision-making.

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