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Xeeva succeeds where others fail

Xeeva meets the challenges of indirect spend management with a team of industry experts in purchasing, data science, and engineering who continuously innovate to drive best practices throughout the procurement process. Customers are further supported by a team of implementation and training experts that ensure your engagement with us is both positive and successful.

As a result, Xeeva is the trusted partner of top enterprises around the world, helping to transform their procurement processes into valuable procurement operations.

What makes Xeeva different?


We make your data more powerful

Xeeva recognizes the power of your data in procurement decision-making. That’s why in order to help you derive the most value from it, we use the industry’s only AI-powered data solution to classify, categorize, and enrich your data. This ultimately provides you with analytics that are more accurate and granular, makes sourcing decisions clearer, and simplifies procurement overall.


We put AI and industry insights to work for you

Xeeva offers a distinct advantage by providing the right information, recommending the next best action for you to take, and working the way you do. This is enabled through our unique combination of machine learning, AI, and industry expertise and insights. As a result, you immediately experience significant business impact in terms of cost savings, efficiencies, compliance, and workload.


We solve your complex indirect spend challenges

Xeeva’s use of AI and insights underpin all of our solutions, ensuring that you have the best technology and thinking to support your goals. Most notably, our ability to classify, categorize, and enrich data at unprecedented speed, detail, and completeness provides you with a bedrock foundation for impactful and accurate decision-making throughout every step of the procurement process, ensuring best practices.


We leverage the knowledge of experts that work the way you do

Xeeva knows that technology alone cannot optimize indirect spend and procurement processes. What’s needed is a combination of the best technology and industry insights that come from hands-on experience and expertise. That’s why our team is comprised of world-class industry experts in purchasing, data science, and engineering who continuously innovate to drive best practices in your procurement operations.


We deliver measurable value through an expansive network of suppliers

The Xeeva Marketplace offers your buyers immediate access to a rich database with hundreds of thousands of highly-vetted, proven vendors across a range of categories. This access ensures that you and your buyers receive preferential pricing and payment terms that enable you to minimize spend and the need for external sourcing events, drive an efficient RFQ process, and reduce risk. You and your buyers can also easily onboard existing and new suppliers into the marketplace, creating a single source for all your purchasing requirements.

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