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Industrial manufacturing has always been about meeting increasing customer expectations at the best possible cost. This is true across aerospace and defense, electronic and electrical equipment, industrial transportation, and other manufacturing sub-sectors.

Xeeva’s AI-powered technology offers not only granular insights but also automates and eliminates many of the mundane transactional workflow elements of purchasing, including those related to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO). Catalogs tied to contracts and real-time supplier performance, purchase price, and continuous improvement tracking integrate suppliers in the enterprise.

Even if you have several regional or globally distributed plants and sites, Xeeva is well-positioned to help you ensure standardization, centralized compliance, and visibility.

Xeeva’s X Factor: XVA Platform

Make your procurement processes smarter with the power of AI

The XVA Platform is the patented AI and insights technology powering all our indirect spend solutions, embedding next-level intelligence into every aspect of your procurement operations.

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