How to Choose a SaaS Provider in 5 Steps

October 7, 2021 | Pallavika Barthakur

The industry is flooded with numerous software solutions, and it is not easy to select the best tools to serve your business needs. Choosing the right solution is a critical decision and knowing your criteria before getting too deep in decision making is a huge benefit. Here’s a 5-Step Approach on how to choose a software package for your business. 

1. Business Roadmap 

Once the business owner decides the roadmap of the business, the market, and the target customers, how the business solution is going to impact the client’s business outcomes, it becomes easier to decide on the tools to choose for the business owner or decision-maker which can help in reaching the business goals. 

2. End-User:  

The user who will be using the tool is the best person to be involved in decision-making. The user is the one who has been using the process with existing sources and he/she knows exactly what solutions can help to make his work decisions faster eliminating existing roadblocks. 

3. Budget 

It is important to keep in mind that sometimes-allocated budgets can pose as a challenge in choosing the best tool. Hence it is important to keep a range in the budget and there also needs to be a scope to evaluate the benefits vs the costs involved. 

4. A Complementary Platform 

No business owner can be happy if the tool they purchase is colliding with the existing Management of Information System, strategies and conflicting the interests of the internal team who is already hands-on in the business. A solution that provides additional value and expertise that complements the existing resources of a company and adds value with new external expertise is what the buyer should look for. Also in today’s digital world, a solution that is AI-powered and secured in terms of cyber security and upgrades with changing needs is another feature to be considered for decision making. 

5. Proven Cases 

A solution that can prove by evidence or past instances what it is capable to achieve what it promises, should be the choice. Often Industry-specific used cases help in decision making. Sometimes a free demo or a trial can help in convincing and hence a buyer should ask to check once before investing. 

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