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Part human. Part robot. Entirely awesome.

Xeebot's unique artificial intelligence that’s mixed with embedded domain expertise is what powers Xeeva. With Xeebot, the steps involved are reduced and there is less human intervention required to manage your procurement and sourcing effectively. Putting his machine learning technology in place, he learns while he performs to be able to provide you with the ultimate benefit: continued results.

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Leading the charge on the future of procurement #NotAChatbot #NeverJoiningSkynet #TeamXeebot

  • Briefcase
    Occupation Intelligence at Xeeva
  • Location
    Location Globetrotter, 45+ countries, 18+ languages
  • Movie
    Favorite Movie WALL-E
  • Like
    Hobbies Networking, Continuing Education, Generating Massive Savings

How our tech works for you

Xeebot isn’t just a tool for your team. He's a coworker, lending a helping hand as he picks suppliers, automates tasks, provides recommendations, and finds you savings. He performs the heavy lifting for you by taking unstructured spend data scattered across various systems and quickly cleanses and categorizes it to deliver you detailed visibility into savings opportunities. He converts your strategic sourcing initiatives into usable catalog items and ensures you get the best deal. Let Xeebot work for you – solving your procurement and sourcing challenges and impacting your bottom line.

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Tech that’s simple, not scary

Xeeva is a cloud-based, full suite procurement and sourcing software that is configurable and flexible to meet your needs. Supporting 18 languages and used in over 45 countries, our platform operates in all major currencies and units of measure. Our software isn’t just easy to use, but also IT friendly, ERP agnostic, and supports all major file formats. Accessible anywhere, our solution is secure, reliable, and easy to scale. Our powerful, patented AI technology enables you to optimize your indirect spend, delivering immediate results.

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