Xeeva had recently enhanced its Supplier Marketplace to support suppliers globally. However, we at Xeeva believe that this is a continuous journey of improving the solution suite for our users. Hence the team has yet again added to the Supplier Marketplace platform, this new feature: 

Auction Module/ Access to RFX 

Now it is easier for a user to select the correct supplier account when the user aims to access the Auction Module. Since the marketplace user is associated with many suppliers and needs to choose one supplier for a request or need, the Xeeva Marketplace supplier platform now eases this choice with the help of a pop-up asking to select one supplier account from the list of associated suppliers for the specific request. The prompt provides all the unique identification details of the supplier that helps in the decision-making 

To get a better understanding of how this feature works and for a quick demonstration, please get in touch with our team here. 


Compiled by:  

Pallavika Barthakur  

Senior Marketing Specialist, Xeeva Inc.