Is your organization ready to take on indirect spend?

This quiz goes through some of the key procurement strategies and technology capabilities that you need to successfully tackle indirect spend. To get your grade – just answer the questions below, tally them up, and discover if your organization has what it takes.


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If you didn’t answer yes to everything, check out our educational whitepaper to learn more about integrating AI technology into your organization and see which vital procurement strategies you can implement to start driving results now.

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In 2019, a primary focus for many procurement organizations is finding new sources of value. This will be largely driven by innovative approaches, as most of the quick and easy wins have already been identified. This section of the CPO Rising 2019 report dives into recommended strategies and approaches for CPOs and procurement departments to improve their operations & get better results. What you’ll learn: Why it's important for procurement to lead the way when it comes...

Marketplace keeps getting better.  The below highlights on our Xeeva Supplier Marketplace platform prove that only highly vetted and recognized suppliers make our Xeeva platform a go-to Marketplace across Industries globally. Key New Feature of the release:   Open Catalog is here! The latest feature of Marketplace gives suppliers the added Search and Filter functionality to their dashboard. Suppliers now will also have the option to review and publish their catalog with items and images as well. Additional...

We recently held a webinar in which our Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Griffiths, and Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) Managing Director of Global Operations, Lane Burkitt, discussed the impact technology is having on maverick spend. One of the points they touched on during their discussion was why maverick spend can be such a problem for procurement organizations – and in what instances it’s not a problem. Want to know more? Watch this clip or read...