Is your organization ready to take on indirect spend?

This quiz goes through some of the key procurement strategies and technology capabilities that you need to successfully tackle indirect spend. To get your grade – just answer the questions below, tally them up, and discover if your organization has what it takes.





If you didn’t answer yes to everything, check out our educational whitepaper to learn more about integrating AI technology into your organization and see which vital procurement strategies you can implement to start driving results now.

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It’s no secret that procurement and sourcing organizations suffer from issues with spend data quality. Getting to high-quality data requires improvements in various areas, including cleansing, classification, and enrichment, among others. Watch Xeeva and Spend Matters take a look at a handful of these issues, discuss the challenges of spend classification today, and uncover how to stop the bleeding of spend leakage in procurement within your organization during our co-hosted webinar. What you'll learn Why...

Many organizations struggle with poor procurement spend visibility or lack it completely. Think about the old adage, “you can’t control what you can’t measure,” and you’ll realize that this is an ongoing challenge with large enterprise organizations. Without visibility into what your organization is spending, you have no way to control it. The top, and the most obvious, reason why most organizations struggle with spend management and compliance is that the majority of procurement spend...