Is your organization ready to take on indirect spend?

This quiz goes through some of the key procurement strategies and technology capabilities that you need to successfully tackle indirect spend. To get your grade – just answer the questions below, tally them up, and discover if your organization has what it takes.





If you didn’t answer yes to everything, check out our educational whitepaper to learn more about integrating AI technology into your organization and see which vital procurement strategies you can implement to start driving results now.

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Do you know what your spend data is telling you? During the global pandemic, it has become even more important to look at your costs to evaluate risks, operating capital, and opportunities to save. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn our four-step process to attain savings. Co-hosted with , , and About Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) PMA is the full-service trade association representing the $137-billion metalforming industry of North America—the industry that creates precision metal...

Ever wonder why many companies view indirect procurement as a non-strategic back office function? Maybe it’s that indirect practitioners often focus too narrowly on measuring cost savings from indirect spend sourcing initiatives and lose sight of how those initiatives impact core financial metrics such as total cost of ownership (TCO), operating profit, working capital, and cash flow, among others. Therefore, adopting a well-structured indirect spend management framework that establishes that connection can bring real value...