Is your organization ready to take on indirect spend?

This quiz goes through some of the key procurement strategies and technology capabilities that you need to successfully tackle indirect spend. To get your grade – just answer the questions below, tally them up, and discover if your organization has what it takes.


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If you didn’t answer yes to everything, check out our educational whitepaper to learn more about integrating AI technology into your organization and see which vital procurement strategies you can implement to start driving results now.

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Xeeva is always in a continuous journey of enhancements to improvise the performance of its solutions. Today we want to highlight the new features as well as the strategic enhancements to the existing features that help in bringing completeness to our solution of Spend Analytics.   First, let us highlight the enhancements over the existing features as below:  Enhancement  – Vendor Code of Supplier  This is an important enhancement that helps in uniquely identifying a supplier in the customer’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Xeeva can now accept the Customer’s ERP system vendor code and display insights on dashboards. This enhancement feature helps Xeeva customers...

1. Buyer Assistant Applies to Configurability Buyer Assistant if Licensed & Enabled Buyer during Award steps of Spot Buy workflow Admin role Xeeva (back office) Buyer Assistant is Optional by Location/Default: OFF Adds UI features (Buyer), learning enablement for the BA engine additional business rules (Admins) 1.1. New:  Buyer Assistant -Supplier Feedback during Award Buyers will now be able to provide qualitative feedback to the Buyer Assistant about award recommendations made during the ACTIVE stage,...

Xeeva is committed to constantly improving our solution suite to bring a more effective, streamlined experience to our users. The latest update, Sourcing 13.7, was released in January 2022 and includes the new Intelligent Supplier Discovery feature.   These features strengthen our Sourcing solution further by providing a list of recommended suppliers to customers.   The buyer now has 4 options while adding suppliers to a sourcing event:   Ability to transfer Incumbent Suppliers from Spend Analytics   Sourcing...