Reducing maverick spend is one of procurement’s biggest challenges. Luckily, digital transformation is happening. Specifically, advanced technology has the potential to solve this and many other procurement problems.

Want to find out how? Watch our webinar featuring Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) Managing Director of Global Operations, Lane Burkitt, our Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Griffiths, and “host with the most,” Carlos Scott!

What you’ll learn 

  • Why maverick spend is a problem for procurement organizations
  • Ways that emerging technologies can reduce maverick spend & improve other challenges in procurement
  • Real-life examples showing how tech can help procurement organizations be more efficient & save money

Watch the webinar

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

Lane Burkitt

Managing Director of Global Operations at ISM

Steve Griffiths

Chief Strategy Officer
at Xeeva

Carlos Scott

Host with the Most
at Xeeva