{MSL – Continuing from R14.1, Xeeva builds on Intelligent Opportunities by introducing}Spend Analytics version 14.2 features Intelligent Alerts as part of Xeeva’s commitment to Better Data, Better Insights, and Better outcomes.    

Xeeva continues to utilize intelligence throughout the procurement process. With our upcoming release of Xeeva Spend Analytics, customers will see AI/ML computed Intelligent Alerts.    

When spend data is curated after each data refresh, our machine learning algorithms generate alerts and notifications along with intelligent opportunities. These alerts notify you of key changes in your spend data such as changes in your spend pattern, price increases for top items, and other such alerts.   

  • Each alert displays key information such as items, suppliers, categories, and locations impacted.  
  • These alerts allow users to take proactive and timely action. 

In addition to Intelligent Alerts, this release also includes drill-down of visualizations on a dashboard page. When you select a bar or a pie on a chart, the context of other charts on that dashboard also changes to reflect the selection.  

For additional details about new features and enhancements, please send us an inquiry or contact the Xeeva Customer Success team.