Version 13.4 of Xeeva’s P2P includes enhancements to Blanket Purchase Order, (BPO) and Amazon Level 2 (L2) Punchout.  Key enhancements to BPO will allow the buyer to: 

  1. Set auto-release for multiple lines  
  2. Search & add multiple BPO line items to set auto releases 
  3. Support for adding a Service Request, Material request, and Catalog item  

In addition to being configurable from the Self Service module by an administrator, Amazon L2 Punchout will allow requesters to search Amazon Business using the main Search Bar. The search results will display details that include Item details, price, availability, and delivery information in the requester’s culture & language. Requesters can select Amazon items, add them to the Amazon shopping cart and seamlessly return to Xeeva’s Procurement System for further activity.  

For additional details about new features and enhancements, please send us an inquiry or contact the Xeeva Customer Success team.