Xeeva is committed to constantly improving our solution suite to bring a more effective, streamlined experience to our users. The latest update, Sourcing 13.7, was released in January 2022 and includes the new Intelligent Supplier Discovery feature.  

These features strengthen our Sourcing solution further by providing a list of recommended suppliers to customers.  

The buyer now has 4 options while adding suppliers to a sourcing event:  

  • Ability to transfer Incumbent Suppliers from Spend Analytics  
  • Sourcing from category-based Xeeva recommended Suppliers 
  • Ability to add verified suppliers to events based on selected filters 
  • Ability to view buyer nominated suppliers 

Another enhancement in this release allows users to export supplier responses against questionnaires in an Excel format.  

To better understand how these features work and schedule a quick demo, please get in touch with our team here 


Compiled by:   

Pallavika Barthakur 

Senior Marketing Specialist, Xeeva Inc.