Xeeva Sourcing platform, another product highly in demand, of our Xeeva solution suite, is now even better with our new features and report updates. The latest highlights include: 

Supplier participation report:

 This has been updated to include new fields that can help the Procurement Managers make better sourcing decisions after reviewing the suppliers’ past contract details and other in-depth information. 

Event Email template: 

This template has been updated to reflect major changes in contact numbers of the results desk as well as the year that is displayed. 

Excel Downloads:

Users now have the ease to download and view various sourcing reports with regards to awards, responsiveness, categories that can help in comparison among suppliers to choose from. 

Procure-Pack Updates:

Users now can include three new categories of spend data values in their upload files. A few columns have been renamed. There is now a provision to view the individual supplier users logged onto the portal instead of the default Supplier User. Also, all these changes will be available on eight views of the sourcing platform. This enables the users to send Event notification emails. 

Sourcing Registration Status: 

Users can view the changes to the registration status of a supplier based on email address. These changes will be visible on a page when asked to suggest and recommend a supplier.  

All the above points yet again prove our trusted Sourcing and procurement journey via Better Data and Insights enabling profitable sourcing decisions with bigger savings!  

Interested in knowing more? Please send us an inquiry or contact the Xeeva Customer Success team.   


Compiled by:  

Pallavika Barthakur

Senior Marketing Specialist, Xeeva Inc.