Sourcing release 13.9 includes additional enhancements to Intelligent Supplier Discovery to improve the supplier search and match search capabilities.

Supplier Discovery Enhancements

  1. Retrieve suppliers from Supplier Universe which match NAICS code / and other criteria passed as a filter from the supplier discovery.
    • Buyers can onboard these listed suppliers into Xeeva Marketplace (if those suppliers do not exist in MP)
  2. Improved search capabilities in Supplier Discovery
    • Search by Supplier Email domain
    • Search by Tax Registration Number
    • Search by “Xeeva Recommended Suppliers”
  3. Nominate Supplier when “No Records Found” in Supplier Discovery
  4. Display all Supplier Users associated with a Supplier
  5. Enhancement to add new supplier user under existing Supplier from Supplier Discovery

To better understand how these features work and schedule a quick demo, please get in touch with our team here.