In our upcoming P2P update, Release 13.3, expected to be deployed in early April 2022, Xeeva introduces Public Catalogs. This feature expands a company’s access to supplier catalog items and adds another avenue to increase compliance by reducing spot buys and controlling maverick spend.   

Similar to shopping at Amazon, this feature provides the user:  

  • Access to Xeeva’s large network of suppliers at preferred unit pricing 
  • Cross-catalog intelligent search 
  • Searches for the requested product amongst hosted catalogs

Xeeva’s Public Catalogs will now present the product along with a detailed item description and unit cost. This new feature is configurable and allows our customers direct access to Xeeva recommended suppliers by accessing Marketplace supported and supplier-maintained public catalog content.  

Easily configured by local Procure-To-Pay (P2P) administrators at a supplier by supplier level, P2P 13.3 expands the catalog search by allowing requesters to search across existing customer-hosted catalog items and then expand that search to Xeeva Public Catalogs in order to get more offers for the searched items.   

With this user-friendly system that speeds adoption, only Xeeva’s recommended suppliers’ catalog items are searchable. Preferred suppliers and products are prioritized based on relevance to search criteria – and offered pricing is applied proactively.  

To better understand how these features work and schedule a quick demo, please get in touch with our team here.