Spend Analytics Release – version 14 is here! with new features and enhancements that further Xeeva’s commitment to Better Data, Better Insights, and Better outcomes. 

While Xeeva continues to utilize intelligence throughout the procurement process to normalize data quality and enrich data by adding attributes, with our next release of Xeeva Spend Analytics, customers will see improved insights generated by our XVA platform helping them to make impactful business decisions in procurement and strategic sourcing. 

The highlights of the Next Generation Spend Analytics include: 

Enhancement – in savings insight 

  • A network effect across all spend categories processed through the XVA display now brings an automatic & intelligent enrichment and classification of client-provided spend data. This consolidates the spending and savings opportunities, which in turn facilitates building a strategic category plan and helps control maverick spend. 

Enhancement – in data quality insights 

  • The display now proves the level of completeness of all spend transactional data. This ensures that all spend data is classified and evaluated for actionable insights. 

Enhancement – in creating opportunities 

  • AI-generated or manually created opportunities can now be tracked and used for seamless sourcing via strategic category planning across 100+ categories, driving savings between 5-10% 

Enhancements – in data extraction 

  • Data can now be easily sorted, grouped, and downloaded 
  • Downloading of charts as images and pdfs have been simplified 

New Feature – Intelligent Opportunities 

  • Our AI/ML curates the spend transactional data on an ongoing basis to identify hundreds of savings opportunities allowing you to create a strategic sourcing plan 

New Feature – Role-based functionality 

  • Spend Analytics now supports Category Manager as a new user type in addition to a CXO and a Buyer user. One user can be associated with one or more categories.  

For additional details about the new features and enhancements, please send us an inquiry or contact the Xeeva Customer Success team.