We are happy to announce our latest release of  Spend Analytics that furthers our commitment that, with Xeeva’s Solution Suite, you get Better Data, Better Insights, and Better Outcomes.

Highlights of Release 13.4 include: 

Enhancement – Spend amount Display 

  • This allows for the “exact spend amount display” on the Home Page with two decimal places, an improvement from the previous rounded display of spend amount KPI 
  • The create opportunity page as well will display the exact spend amount instead of the rounded value 

Enhancement – IQS Chart Tooltip information 

Explanation of Item Quality Score chart tooltip information with a clearer description of the data quadrants for the ease of users. 

New feature – Default records view 

This feature improves the page responsiveness of the home page and the respective pages that are viewed. The display will be of 50 records by default instead of showing all records. The chart now includes the “Items to Include on Table” value which defaults to 50 records that can be edited by the user for the further data view. This feature will be applicable on the below views: 

  • The Item Quality Score’ grid view 
  • The ‘Item Enrichment’ grid view 
  • The ‘Item Categorization’ grid view 
  • The ‘Spend by Top Items’ grid view 

New feature – Precalculated Addressable Spend  

While earlier this value was manually input by a user, now the addressable spend is precalculated using formulae for use across the various metrics for your customer data. 

For additional details about the new features and enhancements, please send us an inquiry or contact the Xeeva Customer Success team.  


Compiled by: 

Pallavika Barthakur 

Senior Marketing Specialist, Xeeva Inc.