Procurement Software Integration

Xeeva Focuses on Value Creation, not Just Integration.

Whatever path we decide together to connect to your existing systems, the imperative is to implement quickly and get your employees and suppliers focused on using the system to create value and drive results.

Our open technology platform has simplified the task of establishing connectivity to your key systems. Xeeva’s procurement software and eInvoicing modules interface with all major ERP, Inventory and HR systems through web-services, ESB based or flat-file based modalities. All major file formats are supported including, text, csv, XML, and more.

Many clients have developed standardized ways of handling security, messaging, metadata, and schemas to help gain better control over how they integrate cloud applications. Others have not considered that, although subscribing to a Cloud technology is simple, it still has to fit into an IT strategy. Our approach is to maintain complete flexibility for what you have in place today, and what you may standardize on tomorrow – and we can even recommend a logical framework along with standards, policies, procedures and tools for managing your Cloud portfolio if you haven’t considered one.

Flexibility is important because many of our clients have multiple, disparate ERPs that have grown and gone neglected over time yet still hold the data needed to make your systems hum. Flexibility is also critical with acquisitions when you have a management imperative to fold them into your systems after the first 100 days. Your procurement organization and the technology solution you use must remain nimble enough to respond to these types of challenges quickly and with minimal disruption to the business.