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Xeeva Partners with Amazon Business to bring Punchout and Integrated Search Functionality to Xeeva’s Procure to Pay Solution.

March 10, 2022

SOUTHFIELD, MI, (Date) – Xeeva, a leader in AI-powered spend management and procurement solutions serving hundreds of locations and enterprises worldwide, is excited to announce a partnership with Amazon Business. This partnership allows Xeeva’s Procure to Pay customers the flexibility of using Amazon to search and order directly within the P2P purchasing environment. 

Xeeva customers no longer have the need to go outside the P2P solution to search Amazon for competitive pricing. Now, with the simple click of a button, customers can search Amazon directly inside the P2P solution and instantly add desired items to their Xeeva shopping cart.  

“The benefits of this partnership are massive. Xeeva is among a select group of companies that have this integration.  This marks one of many strategic steps in our comprehensive plan to streamline the procurement process” said Nina Vellayan, CEO of Xeeva, Inc 

Some of the main benefits Xeeva P2P customers will now enjoy from this partnership are:


  • Access and exposure to all products sold on Amazon to ensure that their purchases stay compliant with their internal controls and processes 
  • Eliminate the need to manage long-term price agreements because customers can now source products instantly at the lowest competitive prices 
  • No longer do customers need a manually managed catalog which holds many customers back from launching quickly. Now customers have access to thousands of products and competitive pricing on Amazon, immediately adding a global catalog of items without having to maintain pricing and expiration 
  • Directly within Xeeva’s P2P application, customers are now able to ensure that they will be getting the best prices in their hosted catalogs 
  • Reducing the workload of buyers in the purchasing group by allowing low-value purchases to go through Amazon punchout instead of having buyers manually manage non-value added transactions 

Veoneer, a worldwide leader in Autotech, desired this feature functionality before it was implemented and Xeeva was nimble enough to integrate this feature within the P2P solution in less than 6 months.  

We implemented Amazon punchout so we can reduce buyer workload and have our buyers focus on more strategic sourcing and savings efforts.” – Adrian Madau, North America Indirect Purchasing Manager at Veoneer.

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David A Stone, Lead Content Marketing, Xeeva