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Xeeva Launches Standard Integration with PLEX ERP

July 19, 2022

SOUTHFIELD, MI – Xeeva, a leader in AI-powered spend management and procurement solutions serving hundreds of locations and enterprises worldwide, is excited to announce real-time integration with Plex ERP. With this integration, Purchase Order (PO) data from Xeeva’s P2P application is instantly sent to Plex ERP to create POs, receive PO status updates, and communicate with business users as well as suppliers. 

Today, modules within P2P and enterprise-wide applications are faced with complex interfaces, and custom integrations increasing the need for additional staff and forcing IT departments to develop and maintain clunky custom interfaces and programs.  

With Xeeva’s turnkey solution, organizations can seamlessly send P2P purchase orders to Plex for review, approval and decision making eliminating manual processes and batch updates. Based on the status of the purchase order, the required action is communicated to business users and suppliers accordingly. 

During implementation, Xeeva will work with the customer and Plex to ensure that the Plex ERP and Xeeva’s P2P are configured to meet the standard Purchase order workflow alleviating the need for additional IT resources and significantly reducing the onboarding time. 

Nina Vellayan, CEO of Xeeva, Inc. stated, “Because of our integration with Plex ERP, our customers will benefit in many ways such as reducing the amount of manual work in tracking and monitoring purchase orders, enabling users to create POs in Xeeva’s P2P and approve them seamlessly in Plex. This will help increase adoption and leverage capabilities with reduced IT resources to deliver positive outcomes.”  

Customer Process: 

  • Implement Plex ERP 
  • Configure Plex ERP to meet Purchase Order workflow for each location using Plex ERP, provide the web service credentials for their environments to Xeeva 

Xeeva Process: 

  • Implement Xeeva’s P2P application for customer 
  • Configure Xeeva’s P2P application for customer 
  • Use the web service credentials provided to integrate with Plex ERP 

During the test phase Xeeva ensures that the customer has access to all the required Plex data sources to receive and process POs appropriately as well as ensure a seamless workflow between the applications. 

About Plex ERP 

Plex ERP is designed as a business management system for manufacturing, containing the depth and breadth needed to minimize risks by staying in compliance with statutory and industry regulations. Purpose-built for manufacturing, our seamlessly connected ERP keeps everything in one place so you can manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies in one system, connecting your shop floor to your top floor with end-to end production and supply chain visibility and control. 

About Xeeva Software  

Xeeva is the leader in indirect spend management solutions that optimize the entire procurement process. With Xeeva’s data-driven spend management solutions, you can simplify, consolidate, manage, control, and conduct all spend-related activities in one place. Our end-to-end integrated cloud-based platform drives cost savings, visibility, and efficiency gains throughout the procurement process. For more information, visit 

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David A Stone, 

Director of Digital Marketing