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Xeeva-IndusUno Partnership forms the largest B2B E-commerce online marketplace In India

February 2, 2022

SOUTHFIELD, MI, February 2nd, 2022 – Xeeva, a leader in AI-powered spend management and procurement software serving hundreds of locations and enterprises worldwide is excited to announce a partnership with IndusUno, one of India’s largest B2B online marketplaces for buying and selling industrial equipment and business supplies.


IndusUno’s suppliers along with their extensive catalogs will be available to organizations through the integration with XpressBUY. Xeeva’s XpressBUY connects customers to Xeeva Marketplace Suppliers for quick and easy purchasing without the need for a cumbersome RFx process. This will allow organizations to benefit from a full end-to-end procurement platform. See full XpressBUY Press Release here.


By partnering with Xeeva, we are able to give our customers easy access to pre-negotiated and pre-discounted items across several categories. This helps new customers drive more compliance, create newfound savings, and gives category managers access to our full catalog with over 2 Million SKUs in only a few clicks of the mouse.Said Sai Madhur Co-Founder of


This new partnership dramatically enhances Xeeva Marketplace, a comprehensive network of verified suppliers providing intelligent, easy, and competitive sourcing options to customers across the globe.


By combining IndusUno’s massive product catalog with the already robust Xeeva Marketplace offerings, customers will enjoy a comprehensive, unified and competitive experience that reduces costs and saves time and money during all phases of sourcing and procurement.


Partnering with IndusUno is a huge step in fulfilling our mission to serve our customers with the most robust, competitive, and reliable global network of suppliers. We know how important it is to have multiple options when sourcing for your company. This partnership provides massive value and strength to serve our customers better.” Said Nina Vellayan, CEO of Xeeva, Inc. “This partnership also reaffirms our commitment to benefit global companies and our desire to continue scaling our business worldwide. I look forward to a long partnership with IndusUno to deliver even more meaningful value to Indian companies through Smart Spend Management and comprehensive easy-to-use sourcing. 


About Xeeva Software 

Xeeva is the leader in indirect spend management solutions that optimize the entire procurement process. With Xeeva’s data-driven spend management solutions, you can simplify, consolidate, manage, control, and conduct all spend-related activities in one place. Our end-to-end integrated cloud-based platform drives cost savings, visibility, and efficiency gains throughout the procurement process. For more information, visit 


About Xeeva Marketplace 

A world of approved, qualified, and compliant suppliers right at your fingertips. Features easy ways to connect with a comprehensive global network of suppliers to maximize efficiency and facilitate competitive pricing enabling a more efficient RFx process and minimizing the need for external sourcing events.


About IndusUno 

Indusuno specializes in technology-based Supply Chain Solutions in tail spend MRO items for industries. It provides a complete single-source solution for entire MRO requirements for various manufacturing companies their vast catalog spanning over 2 Million products and 4000 Brands. This single-source solution reduces “Cost of procurement” and “Procurement Cost” as well. Through aggregation & catalog-driven purchasing process it reduces the number of vendors and number of transactions any company has to deal with.


Want to get access to this wide range of B2B Industrial products via recognized and vetted suppliers like IndusUno? Talk to our experts today and ask for a DEMO



Pallavika Barthakur, Senior Marketing Specialist