Supplier Collaboration

Collaborate with your suppliers to reduce cycle times, cut costs, proactively monitor supplier history and decrease risk with supplier management software

You need a way to collaborate with suppliers that provides your teams with the information they need to operate, allows suppliers to acknowledge your requests and interactions, all while holding them accountable to the various business requirements you’ve set in place to do business.

Xeeva Supplier Collaboration is the web interface that your procurement teams and suppliers alike access to place orders, acknowledge orders received, monitor shipment status, manage disputes and provide insights into supplier performance.

Connected with our eInvoicing, suppliers can view status on invoices submitted, payment dates, rejection reasons and detail on consignment material, if that’s how your business relationship is structured.

Rich configurable scorecards provide accurate and timely information to end-users. This allows your teams to review any aspect of the supplier relationship recorded in the system, e.g., cost savings history, on-time performance metrics and other SLAs, PO history and order detail, including trending over time by site, by commodity or by any dimension of the business relationship.

Transitioning suppliers to Xeeva’s collaborative environment is made easier by a highly flexible system that respects existing EDI standards you may have in place, punch-outs you maintain or for smaller or non-EDI enabled suppliers, the web interface itself.


Reduce costs. Operational costs are positively impacted by cutting wasted time from manually processing orders and information, inefficient dispute resolution, unmet supply demands and by proactively knowing when to address risk.

Improve visibility across all supplier data. Through your configurable dashboards you can review this single source of truth for performance metrics, operational KPIs, financial detail and compliance data.

Manage supplier diversity. Diversity is an important part of many company’s global business strategy but tracking your spend with minority, veteran-owned and women-owned business can be a real challenge. Through our supplier self-service environment you can track supplier status and know in real-time the exact dollars spent and committed across the supply base. Through procure to pay, the intelligence in the system can help identify opportunities for you to source through specially certified supplier entities.

Standardize business processes. By using a single system to manage your supplier interaction, those interactions – the way you conduct business – becomes standardized across plant, business unit and geography. Users of the system develop a common view into the supply base and can quickly intervene when potential issues are identified.

Rapidly onboard your suppliers.. The sooner your supply base is onboard, the sooner the benefits – for both you and them are realized. Intuitive and standardized web-based interactions make this a breeze.

Drive positive results for suppliers. By better understanding your goals, being able to proactively intervene when there are delays to lead times or issues requiring resolution, suppliers can improve their own performance — with you and internally. This unlocks greater potential for them as execution against your objectives improves. Suppliers also have an easier, single self-service interface for updating their relevant profiles and firmographic data.  Easier, faster and more effective means more time for suppliers to spend on value add activity rather than chasing down orders and payments.