Proven Technology

Xeeva’s cloud-based suite of software enables you to optimize your indirect spend. Technology delivered as a service via the Cloud allows you to implement quickly, deploy new features and scale as your business requirements grow or shrink, leading to faster results and value – in weeks, not quarters. Once configured to meet your needs, our solution is IT friendly and flexible enough so that additional configuration is done at the flick of a switch versus the launch of an entire IT implementation.

Our solutions are built upon leading-edge technologies that deliver security, reliability and anytime/anywhere access using the Internet. SSL encryption, multiple firewalls and application access-control measures secure your data. Sun servers running an Oracle database on EMC Clarion storage delivers reliability and performance as do the multiple, redundant application servers running Java-based applications.

Our technology research and development function is Xeeva owned, managed and operated at our two main R&D facilities in India – not outsourced to a third party. This gives us complete control over quality, prioritization of our R&D investment and the ability to work directly with you in a rapid fashion to incorporate new, desired features and functionality as part of your overall source to pay solution (S2P). We have four Cloud releases every year and each includes a new set of results-focused features driven bottoms-up from client requirements and tops-down from our advanced technology team and industry thought leaders.

We have minimal reliance on third party software vendors to deliver our S2P solutions – many companies cobble together solutions from other vendors in the space, using an invoicing module from one, or a contract management module from another. There is risk inherent in a heterogeneous approach to delivering a S2P solution, e.g., who is responsible for support, are you being provided the most recent version of that vendor’s solution, what happens when the two companies providing the hybrid solution become competitors? Xeeva’s software is just that – ours, on a single configurable platform.

The Basics

Our technology supports 18 languages, is used in over 40 countries, operates in all major currencies and all units of measure.  We are ERP agnostic and can connect with SAP, JDE, QAD, Baan, you name it and most Legacy systems.

Advanced Technology and Technology Roadmap

To remain ahead of the curve we’ve chartered a dedicated Rapid Prototyping Team which serves as our innovation hub. Working independently and also directly with clients, they are challenged to define the next generation of intelligent procurement and finance technology. This team’s charter is to look at least two – three years out at emerging technology, emerging customer challenges and figure out where and how the two meet.

The team applies mathematical models and algorithms to solving real world problems in key areas like decision support, embedded analytics, [imperfect] data management and predictive analytics – all rendered through intuitive and state of the art UI design principles.

Models are built rapidly, significant attention is given to the visualization of the model and users can interact and refine the concept and clarify intent. Speed and innovation are the imperatives.

Requirements are developed, clarified and tested faster than you otherwise could in a normal R&D environment. The result? An ability to bring new, intelligent functionality into our suite of software faster than anyone – and deliver you greater value more quickly.