The SoftwareReviews, a brainchild of Info-Tech Research Group having two decades of expertise in the Vendor Space of Enterprise Software Landscape and Client Vendor Relationships have ranked Xeeva Inc. higher than its top counterpart and Best in the breed competitors in its July 2021 Product Report. It uses a Product Scorecard which is a comprehensive report designed to evaluate and help clients make better Software Purchase decisions. The SoftwareReviews collates the pain points and prevailing opinions most experienced by its real end-users who...

A competitive analysis on Xeeva is difficult because the source-to-pay provider doesn’t just compete against the handful of players trying to bring machine learning and AI to the S2P space. It also takes on all of the traditional source-to-pay vendors who offer modern sourcing experiences, especially if they are augmented with market intelligence, best practices, community intelligence or other modern “guided” capabilities that can help a buyer make a better decision. That’s basically what buyers...

In an effort to help clients tackle critical challenges and experience quick ROI during the complete procurement process, Xeeva said it has put significant enhancements throughout its array of products into place. The indirect spend management company also rebranded its products and technology platform to better show its capabilities throughout sourcing, procurement, spend analytics and data enrichment, according to an announcement.

Enterprise digitization continues to ramp up the availability of data, and open up new opportunities for in-depth analysis of that information. However, it’s no longer enough for solution providers to simply analyze corporate data. Businesses demand actionable insights, and analytics technology must be tailored to users in a way that can guide corporate strategy.

Last month, we examined the current constraints on procurement today and discovered that data spend quality is an issue that’s holding organizations back. Digging in further, we found that spend classification is a big factor affecting organizations’ abilities to get high-quality data. The reality is you don’t know what you’re actually spending in each category.

Procurement teams globally are facing the same common challenges. We hear it over and over: CPOs are constantly being tasked with cutting costs and doing more with less … yesterday. But how are they doing in actually overcoming these challenges? Let’s take a look.

Due to the increasing influence technology has had on the way business is conducted worldwide, it has never been so important to leverage new processes and applications to set organisations apart from competitors, particularly in the supply chain space.

Big name tech companies like Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all have satellite offices in Detroit, but did you know there are dozens of other tech startups that were founded and are headquartered in Michigan?

Recently we surveyed our community asking what type of content you want to learn about and the top response was news from the local startup community. That’s why we’re excited to begin sharing more happenings from in and around Detroit, starting with a new funding announcement from Madison Heights-based startup, Xeeva.

Madison Heights-based Xeeva, Inc., which uses artificial intelligence to help customers streamline their supply chain, announced it has got an investment of more than $40 million, which was led by PeakEquity Partners, a private-equity firm in Radnor, Pa.

FinTech remains merely on the cusp of disruption from artificial intelligence (AI), with some players in the B2B space beginning to look at AI-based chatbots and data analytics solutions to take digital financial management to the next level.