Drive costs down, gain access to new sources of goods and services, and improve supplier collaboration in an intelligent ecommerce marketplace.

Xeeva’s Marketplace is a rich, intelligent platform that connects buyers and sellers to accelerate commerce, drive down transactions costs for all parties and translate those cost savings into better pricing for buyers and higher volumes for suppliers.

For Buyers

With a network of over 250,000 global suppliers of MRO and indirect materials, buyers access the marketplace and use our sourcing and bidding capabilities to locate goods and services from the extensive supply base. RFQs are launched through the platform to eligible suppliers, responses flow back to the buyer who can then review the competitive quotes and award through the portal. This information can flow in and out of your Xeeva P2P solution in a completely seamless manner.

For Sellers

Suppliers are able to upload and maintain their catalog data in the Marketplace. Catalog pricing can be specific to individual customers or Marketplace-wide. RFQs are received, responses managed by your sales team, POs received and orders status monitored. If required you can issue ASNs (advanced shipping notices) to provide information to your customer’s operations prior to delivery which in turn can accelerate payment to you. Collaboration between suppliers and buyers is fully EDI capable.

The marketplace is managed 24/7 with a customer support team and help-desk available to provide expertise, guidance and account services, e.g., assistance with configuring your Xeeva Marketplace account, catalog content upload and techniques and best practices for effective ecommerce and value creation for you.