Deloitte completed their 2014 Global Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) study, which included CPO feedback on top risk by industry.

IndustryReported Top Supply Risk
Business and Professional ServicesReputational and Service Delivery
Consumer BusinessCommodity Price Volatility
Energy and ResourcesService Delivery
Financial ServicesRegulatory and Reputational
Government and Public SectorService Delivery
Health and Life SciencesReputational
ManufacturingCommodity Price Volatility
Real EstateService Delivery
Technology, Media and CommunicationsService Delivery

The survey results show just half of CPOs play an active role in the wider risk management process, and their level of investment in related technologies and processes remains low. Unsurprisingly, the primary approach to risk management is to address risk during the supplier pre-qualification and onboarding phase, with some 77 percent using this approach. Less than 20 percent use predictive analytics to assess potential supply-side risks, suggesting there is room for greater proactivity to mitigate risk events.

To download a copy of the complete study, click here.