You’ve created a comprehensive strategy for your procurement organization and it’s aligned to corporate objectives. The team is fired up to execute on the plan. You’ve either performed an initial market scan for P2P technologies or you’re even further down the road and have selected a best-in-class P2P technology platform (full disclosure: we’re excited it might be Xeeva). Well, truth be told, even if you’ve picked a technology, there’s still a lot left to do to be successful. Now, at Xeeva, we’ll argue our technology and implementation approach makes this a helluva lot easier, but despite that, here are 5 things to consider:

  1. Clear communication and collaboration within the company is very important. Click To Tweet This is also an essential element to maintain between suppliers and customers.
  2. Keep plans organized. It is important to coordinate, schedule, and plan all events in order to prevent unnecessary implementation risk. Be transparent and share steering committee, core team, and execution level team schedules as fully as possible.
  3. Keep in mind technology implementation can be encumbered by insufficient language translation, bandwidth, systems, and lack of common processes that can slow the time and affect the quality of implementation.
  4. Global supply management programs may have a lack of on-site expertise that may raise implementation problems. This may increase the time it takes to produce, detect defects, along with decrease the overall quality of the product.
  5. Ineffective management resources and skills are also risks that may cause problems with implementation projects.